A loan to furnish your new home

Beyond happiness, getting married implies the formation of a society in which there are necessarily responsibilities and benefits for both parties. And in this the conformation of a common place is implied.

After the concepts “wedding organization” and “how to make a party for weddings”, the most searched on the internet by new couples is not necessarily related to “new home furniture”, “new home equipment” and “new home expenses ”, But occupies almost the last places in interest.

Interestingly, on Google, there are fewer texts related to this topic in a ratio of one to ten compared to the organization of the party

Level of responsibility and maturity

home loan

Making such important decisions demands a level of responsibility and maturity that should consider personal, family, sociological and, of course, economic factors.

Here comes the theme of the new home where it is worth asking questions such as where are they going to live? Will they buy, rent or will it be a borrowed house? How many rooms do they need? Regarding the equipment comes the question of how to get it.

A newly married couple usually lacks everything.

A newly married couple usually lacks everything.

From a set of dishes to a thread and needle kit. It is a start from zeros.
But do not stress, it is not about having everything immediately, nor that everything is new.

Take hold of things you already use and can serve you in the new stage. In the parents’ house there will always be a pan or dish that they use less and in any case equipment that for reasons of decoration or need is no longer used but that the newlyweds can serve.

Install a table of gifts , this gives an idea to friends and family of what they need and the store itself is responsible for sending them. They also usually offer an additional rewards program to what others buy for you.

There are plans specifically for this purpose that provide facilities and a soft interest rate to furnish your new home.

house loan

Find out about the deadlines and benefits with your partner. Financial institutions usually have agreements with certain stores and offer discounts if you consume what you need with them. Regardless of the payment method, it evaluates the guarantee and protection programs in case of factory failures or damages.

Request a credit.

Remember that by adding all the credits, you cannot exceed 30% or the income so as not to fall into a financial imbalance.

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